USA, Maine

Bio: UPDATE June 12, 2016 Living Life! ! ! This is a milestone year - I will be 65 in 2 days! I continue to be in love with the ocean as I experience it here in Rockland, Maine, USA. My recovery from lifelong addictions, depression and co-dependency give me much to write about. As I heal and the intensity of the past fades I find I remember more and more the pleasurable things I've experienced in my life! I experience Love and Acceptance more fully than ever before - I appreciate the beauty, wonder, and terribleness in nature in ways that are more vivid than in earlier years and my Compassion for other humans on the Journey of Earth Life grows. My heart is wide open. My intention is Love, Acceptance, Openness and Service to others. Archangel Michael stands with me for protection, Archangel Rafael for healing, and Jesus holds me in his radiant Love always, even when I forget about Him. First Profile - late blooming, lifelong natural born writer who just got the courage to blog and post to the public May 18, 2015 ???? incorrect year - maybe 2013? All my life I've had a natural bent for writing but have been reticent to go "out there" with my writing. There are soooo many good writers! and likely they've already said it all Many people who've read my writings think I should put it "out there". So my blog is my first attempt to go public with my writing. Most of it is non-fiction and much of it autobiographical so that increases my shyness. I've adopted the strong, courageous, gorgeous, loyal, family-oriented, and free osprey as my personal mascot for my blog to remind me of courage, independence and freedom. "Coming Out" as a lesbian - a woman who loves women - in a small provincial home town has required much courage but then so will much of the truth I've experienced in my life. I draw on Nature for much courage and Inspiration. I am blessed. Thanks be to God - (Universal Energy). I am a deeply Spiritual woman with a wide belief system of Positive, Light-filled energies.

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